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he popular fairy tales that we all know today were written or collected by a select group of people over 150 or 200 years ago. The authors and fairy tale collectors we are featuring on this site are the Grimm Brothers, Aesop, Charles Perrault, Beatrix Potter, Joseph Jacobs, and Hans Christian Andersen. In some cases more than one writer has written their own version of a fairy tale they had come across. In fact, many forms of the same basic fairy tale may exist from region to region within a country, or even across countries.

Walt Disney definitely understands the importance of the messages of fairy tales for children. Disney has made many fairy tales into feature length movies which make them even more well known and popular today. However, often these tales have been modified in their screen adaptations and printed adaptations. This site has either the original English text or translations directly from the foreign language text. For example, the Grimm fairy tales were originally in German, while the Perrault tales were generally in French.

The fairy tales are all free, so read them or print them and feel free to use them as you wish. The most popular fairy tales, fables, and stories are listed on the left side and are accessible from any other fairy tale. However, many of these authors were prolific, so you can find more tales listed on the author pages. If you wish to print them, none of the navigation or ads will appear on the printed copies of the fairy tales.


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